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the Cloud Visibility Gap

Don’t let your cloud infrastructure be a black box. With Cloud2SQL, you get insights into resources and dependencies to a destination of your choice.

cloud2sql --config aws.yaml
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Unused EBS Volumes
SELECT * FROM aws_ec2_volume
WHERE volume_status = 'available';
Large Instances
SELECT * FROM aws_ec2_instance
WHERE instance_cores > 4;
Users Without MFA
SELECT * FROM aws_iam_user
WHERE mfa_active = false;

Cloud2SQL is built on the Resoto collectors. What sets Resoto apart from other cloud data collection tools is its ability to enrich the data it collects and make additional connections. This means that Resoto not only gathers raw data about your cloud resources, but also adds additional context and information that can help you better understand your cloud environment.

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Set up Cloud2SQL in under 5 minutes

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pip3 install --user 'cloud2sql[all]'

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